The twelve (t12)
Group Coaching  

The t12 Online Group Coaching Program will be available to a maximum of, you guessed it, 12 individuals! This is intentional.

My goal is to truly connect with each of you and coach you directly and as a group! Each of you will receive Christo-Centric, mind-body strategies to upregulate your God-Connect & potential allowing you to rule & reign in life!” – Arun 

The foundation of this program is the reality & practical application of Union Flow as seen in the about section.

Each day of this program will offer transformational keys to up-regulate your God-Connect and potential in Christ. The relational, functional & revelational keys will be short, simple & profound bringing both mystical, hidden wisdom and practical, universal wisdom into your life.

The individualized attention you will receive from me during the personal coaching calls will allow you to further transcend the natural and apprehend & manifest your purpose!

The Group Coaching I will be facilitating with you, “the twelve” will offer a tremendous strengthening to the program as we journey together as one body! Union Flow.

The Pilot Program is April 4-25 | Click, “LEARN MORE” for details & registration