12-Hour Workshop

The focal point of this workshop is triune recalibration. It’s an intensive geared towards deepening our relationship with the Creator on a soul and cellular level. This realignment increases the flow of the Spirit in and through our design, enabling us to develop a more comprehensive first love relationship with the Creator of all.

Typically, we associate our energy levels with the quality of sleep we get or the food we eat. During our time together we’ll learn to let go of these codependent bonds and put first things first. Our Union with the Creator is meant to be the main source of our energy and the other things we derive sustenance from, pleasures to be enjoyed.

The 12hr includes connection, teaching, activation and more. Together, we move through the workshop in multiple segments to stay inspired. The focus is deriving relational energy from our Fusion with the Creator. This Christocentric Reality allows us to go about our lives in higher states of consciousness, health and well being.

The immersion is ever evolving and very adaptable. It can be facilitated at your spiritual center, a large home, and other venues. It can also be implemented in your business as a team building event.

Book a workshop

If you’re interested in hosting an event or workshop with me, get in touch! Details such as cost, practicals, and further information will be out shortly.