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“The Twelve” (t12) Transformation Coaching Experience

Limited to 12 people to maximize connectivity and includes both 1ON1 & Group Coaching

Noorah 2.0

The 9 month Mystical Mentorship begins May 2020 | for details click “learn more”
A Collaborative Mentorship with Arun Bulchandani & Brian Orme

Union Flow [theory]: Redding, CA

A 2-3hr local monthly gathering in 96001 | Subscribe & Email us to get on the list

Metamorphoses Retreat: italy

Dates: June 14-19 2020 (in flux due to corona-craziness) 
A Christo-Centric Wholeness Initiative

Life & Light: Everett WA

Postponed due to corona-craziness
A Christo-Centric Wholeness Initiative

Triune Recalibration: Orlando, FL

Dates: May 2-3 2020
The Overnight Workshop

Triune Recalibration: Miramar Beach, FL

Dates: May 8-9 2020
The Overnight Workshop

Ascended Life: Richmond, VA

Dates: May 15-16 2020
A collaborative event with Chris Blackeby

Union flow: Toronto, Canada

Dates: Sept 7-8 2018

Union flow – the annual gathering

Dates: October 18 | Details Coming Soon

Triune recalibration: lacey, wa

Aligning our spirit, soul, and body into Union with our Creator | April 26-28 2018

Triune Recalibration: Cape Town, South Africa

Dates: August 11 2018

Union flow- Era of Ascent: Lockport, IL

The Unified & Ascended Lifestyle | Intensive | March 1-3 2018

24hr Intensive- Recalibration: Redding, CA

A Cellular Recalibration Unto First Love | Defy The Natural Order
Dates: January – Registration Full

Secret Place Gathering: Fall River Mills, CA

The Secret Place Gathering | April 18-22 | 2018