Who Is Arun Bulchandani

Arun has been identified as a mystic, an explorer, advisor, mentor, entrepreneur and more. However, his core is Union with the Creator and the Flow this Fusion inspires.

This connection with our Creator is the basis of Union Flow, yet it encompasses more. It delves into matters such as the multi-dimensional nature of reality, our interconnectivity to the Creator, one another, and the world(s) we are co-designers of. Its genesis began 10 years ago with these divinely inspired words: “through Union with Me everything else will Flow.”

Arun believes that the best foundation for life is within our Christocentric Union with the Person of God. The Flow of this relationship produces divine intelligence and an ability to exceed the limitations of the natural order. He is focused on seeing others thrive and succeed by helping them deepen their connection with the divine, encouraging the liberation of their spirit. Union Flow is for any individual who desires this lifestyle of living within the Creator’s Love.

As Arun moves forward he’ll be sharing on this United and Ascended Lifestyle, joining with others who are creating a better, brighter future. Expect to see various avenues to connect with, whether it be through events, videos, mentorship and more.